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Clothing is tailor made to your needs.

African prints consultancy

Our head designer offers professional advice and consulting on African prints to create products including clothing, accessories and home décor basics.

Fashion consultancy

Meet with our head designer for fashion consulting to explore your look and create unique products designed specifically for you, personalised by your preferences and style with expert professional fashion advice and designs.

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From ethnic prints to the ethical proposal, stylist Ricância “Ricky” Agira presents the “AfroRicky Organique” with pieces developed with focus on sustainability. With an emphasis on natural materials such as knits and organic cotton fabrics, the brand presents clothes dyed with dyes extracted from African leaves and roots - harvested by an association of women on the outskirts of Maputo, where the atelier is.

Collectible clothes with 3D localized prints

One of AfroRicky's challenges is to establish the same relationship with the brand's clothes as Africans have with the multifunctional capulana* which is an emotional piece.

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Do you look for exclusive work?

We are always open to interesting projects.


BESPOKE, Pattern created individually for each client MEASUREMENTS, as many measurements as need for a perfect fit, HAND CUT AND SEWN BY TAILOR FITTINGS, expect several fittings throughout the production of garment STTICH TENSION, several alteration options, LIMITLESS FABRICS BEST SELECTION BY OUR HEAD DESIGNER AND FASHION CONSULTANCY.

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AfroRicky Studio
Av. Salvador Allende Nr.: 147
Maputo, mozambique

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Email: info@AfroRicky.co.mz
Telephone: +258 21 086 403
Mobilephone: +258 845 991 410
Whatsapp: +258 82 602 3322
Fashion consultancy

The service is available by appointment

African prints consultancy

The service is available by appointment

Tailor made

The service is available at Afroricky Studio
Address: Av. Salvador Allende Nr.: 147, Maputo

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